Eminent historical playwright, novelist, drama director
  A mythological drama from the Ramayana depicting the story of another lesser acknowledged great warrior and prince of Lanka, who sacrificed his life at the call of his father. Meghnad, the eldest son of Raavan, king of Lanka was as brave as his father was. Goddess kali had given him several boons-even made him free from Death, but warned him not to clash against a person who abstained from his wife for 12 years. Meghnad was crowned with victory wherever he went. He imprisoned Indra and was called Indrajit. His wife was Sulochna, daughter of serpent king,Naagraj Vasuki. When Ram attacked Lanka, Meghnad made Lakshman unconscious. But when the latter regained his consciousness, he attacked Meghnad while he was performing Pooja and Killed him.
Published by Sadhna Mandir, Naya Tola, Patna-4 and also compiled in Chaturbhuj Rachnavaali- Vol.-1, published by Samay Prakashan, I-1/16, Shanti Mohan House, Ansari Road,Dariya Ganj, New Delhi-110002
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                                                                                                   Chaturbhuj Drama, 106, Gali No-6, S.K.Nagar, Patna.