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  Karna was a prominent character of the Mahabharta. Sage Durvasa gave some Mantras to Virgin Princess Kunti who got the power of getting one son through the Mantra by remembering any God. To test the Mantra, she remembered God Sun (Surya) who appeared before her and said that she would conceive and get a son in due course. This frightened Kunti. In due course she delivered a son with Kavach and Kundal on his body. Kunti left out the child in a box and disposed it off in a river. The child was rescued by a Charioteer Adhirath and brought up by him. By that time Kunti had been married and became the mother of Pandavas. Karna later on became the supporter of Duryodhan who had enmity with the Pandavas. Krishna knew the secret of Karna’s birth and he disclosed it to him, but Karna refused to betray Duryodhan. Fortune always played havoc with Karna. In the Mahabharat war, Karna was killed by Arjun, another son of Kunti.
Compiled in Chaturbhuj Rachnavaali- Vol.-1, published by Samay Prakashan, I-1/16, Shanti Mohan House, Ansari Road, Dariya Ganj, New Delhi-110002
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                                                                                                   Chaturbhuj Drama, 106, Gali No-6, S.K.Nagar, Patna.