Eminent historical playwright, novelist, drama director
  Its a mythological drama based on the story of childhood days of Lord Krishna and his encounters with his cruel maternal uncle Kans who was yearning for the blood and flesh of Lord Krishna. Kans, son of Ugrasen, was the king of Mathura. He was brave but extremely cruel.. Sensing danger to his life at the hands of a future son of his sister Devki, Kans took her prisoner along with her husband Vasudev. Kans killed all the sons born to the couple. In the meantime he attacked Rajgrih and took king Jarasandh prisoner. Later on Jarasandh was released and his daughter married Kans. The last son born to Devki was saved and taken to the house of Nand across the river Yamuna. This child was Shri Krishna who grew-up with his step brother Balram. On an invitation, Krishna and Balram arrive at the court of Kans and defy him at a duel. Kans is killed.
Compiled in Chaturbhuj Rachnavaali- Vol.-1, published by Samay Prakashan, I-1/16, Shanti Mohan House, Ansari Road,Dariya Ganj, New Delhi-110002 This drama has been translated into English but is yet to be published.
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                                                                                                   Chaturbhuj Drama, 106, Gali No-6, S.K.Nagar, Patna.