Eminent historical playwright, novelist, drama director
  This book in Hindi is first of its kind depicting the origin and development of prominent Indian and foreign language dramas in one volume. After labor of several years, materials from various sources have been collected and then compiled. In this connection Embassies of various countries were contacted for relevant materials and information. Their help was very useful. The book is in two parts, first part deals with Sanskrit drama, Parsi drama, Hindi drama, Bangla drama, Marathi drama and Bhartiya Loknatya. The second part deals with Greek drama, English drama, French drama, Russian drama, American drama, German drama, Italian drama and Chinese drama.This book is of great help for research and reference purposes.
Published by Samay Prakashan, I-1/16, Shanti Mohan House, Ansari Road, Dariya Ganj, New Delhi-110002
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                                                                                                   Chaturbhuj Drama, 106, Gali No-6, S.K.Nagar, Patna.