Eminent historical playwright, novelist, drama director
  Malik Kafur was a favorite slave of the Hindu king of Gujarat Due to the conspiracy of Kafur, Allauddin Khilji, the sultan of Delhi captured Gujarat and brought Rani Kamla Devi into his harem. Kamla Devi own the heart of Sultan. Her daughter Devla Devi escaped Devgiri with the help of Prince Khizir Khan. Ramchandra Dev, King of Devgiri married her. When Kafur marched into the Deccan, Ramchandra and Devla fought him but were taken prisoners. Due to Rani Kamla’s persuasion, the Sultan pardoned them. After the demise of the Sultan, Kafur blinded his son Khizir Khan and wanted to usurp the throne. But it was Rani Kamla who captured Kafur and got him and killed for his unpardonable acts of treachery. The drama depicts velour and wit of a woman and also of communal harmony.
Compiled in Chaturbhuj Rachnavaali- Vol.-1, published by Samay Prakashan, I-1/16, Shanti Mohan House, Ansari Road,Dariya Ganj, New Delhi-110002
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                                                                                                   Chaturbhuj Drama, 106, Gali No-6, S.K.Nagar, Patna.