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Born on Jan 15, 1928 at Biharsharif. He served the field of DRAMA/THEATRE for more than 60 years right from the days of Parsi theatre till the advent of Nukkad Natak and Terrace theatre. He considered Theatre/Stage/Drama as the most powerful media to communicate to the masses for any social reforms, general awareness and cultural heritage. Reference of his works and achievements are mentioned in many reference books such as Who's Who published by Sahitya Academy, Hindi Natak Kosha by Dashrath Ojha, Distinguished Youths Of India, Who's Who, Biography International, Asia Pacific Who's Who, Asian American Who's Who, Learned Asia, Reference Asia (only 1500 selected laureates included), Rang Kosh (both Vols) edited by Dr. Pratibha Agrawal and published by NSD (National School of Drama, New Delhi), "Varnika", a class IX text book of Hindi published by Bihar Text Book Committee has given special reference of the works of Dr. Chaturbhuj. Some students got Ph.D(Doctorate ) and M.Phil degrees on the works of Dr. Chaturbhuj.

Done Master of Arts (MA) in Pali with Buddhist Philosophy, awarded Ph.D (Doctorate ) in Drama. Stayed and studied the Buddhist literature in Nalanda Pali Institute, Nalanda. Also served on the Editorial Board, Pali Tripitaka Publication, Nav Nalanda Mahavihara from 1955 to 1959.Worked under the guidance of Bhikkhu Jagdish Kashyap, an international fame Buddhist scholar. Served All India Radio, Govt.of India for 27 years. Retired as Station Director, All India Radio. Founded and taught at Post-Graduate Deptt. of Drama in Mithila University, Darbhanga during late 80's. Due to efforts of Dr. Chaturbhuj, Drama was introduced as a subject in Intermediate of Arts syllabus in Bihar state.

Dr. Chaturbhuj endeavored hard to attach Drama and its related fields such as Production, Direction, Acting, Stagecraft, dialogues, Screenplay, Costume , Make up, Music, Lighting etc. with school /college education . Imparting such education to the youths of the country can enable them to compete in the fast growing field of Television Channels, Radio and Films. Dr. Chaturbhuj's dream was to fight out the burgeoning unemployment problem in this manner. Due to his perennial efforts Drama was exempted from entertainment Tax (still continued) by the then chief Minister Late Karpoori Thakur. He was perhaps the only Dramatist who thought about the audience of rural areas where no theatre team visits. He wrote for the rural people and went to those areas to guide them in theatrical activities. It was his effort that many rural theatrical teams have come up. Founded Magadh Artists(1952), a well known theatrical organization in Bihar, which has organized a number of stage dramas for social and national cause such as establishment of school and colleges, Drought Relief Fund, Flood Relief Fund, Prime Minister Relief Fund, Chief Minister Relief Fund, Army personnel's Relief Fund etc, Magadh Artists has been instrumental in producing those stage dramas which depict and highlight our national, social and cultural leaders, thereby providing an opportunity to the youths and citizens of the country to emulate them and feel proud of them It has helped in highlighting the cultural and historical ethos and values of our country which is need of the hour.

Dramas written and directed by Dr. Chaturbhuj float and establish the ideas of Patriotism, National Integration, Communal Harmony, Social Justice, Social Awakening etc. He highlighted many unknown and unsung heroes of the country who sacrificed their lives for the motherland. Authored about 50 dramas, Novels, Story collections etc.(some of them translated English/Telugu/Maithili) and participated as Actor/Director/Producer in not less than 300 stage productions. Noted Film doyen Late Prithvi Raj Kapoor himself visited Bakhtiyarpur (Patna Distt.)to watch the drama Kalinga Vijay in August 1956.He appreciated the drama of Dr. Chaturbhuj and their relations since then continued till end. Some years back when Late Kapoor's granddaughter Miss Sanjana Kapoor visited Patna she specially met and publicly honoured Dr. Chaturbhuj. Dr. Chaturbhuj's dramas were watched and appreciated by many political dignitaries, Governors, Bureaucrats, literary people and Historians. Dr. AL Basham, the well known Historian and author of "The wonder that was India" came to Nalanda to watch his drama Patliputra Ka Rajkumar (based on Buddhist literature" Divyavadaan") and he broke into tears while watching some of the pathetic scenes. Another Buddhist scholar Bhadant Anand Kauslyayan was also present there. The Govt. of Uttar Pradesh honoured and rewarded him for his historical drama Meer Qasim. Sangeet Natak Academy, Govt of Rajasthan, Bihar Rashtrabhasha Parishad (Vayovriddh Sahitykaar Sammaan -1999-2000)Rajbhasha Department, Govt. of Bihar, Ministry of Human Resources, Govt.of India, have appreciated and aided the productions and publications of Dr. Chaturbhuj. Shatabdi Vishwa Hindi Sammelan honored Dr. Chaturbhuj in recognition to his contributions to Hindi. To popularize Sanskrit Classics among the common masses, he adapted two famous Sanskrit Dramas-Shakuntala and Mudra Rakshhas- into easy Hindi and also staged them very successfully. These dramas have become very popular. "Bhartiya Aur Videshi Bhashaon ke Natkon ka Itihaas" is his mile stone work in which he described the history of Greek, French, English, American, Russian, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, dramas on one hand and depicted the chronological progress of Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, and other Indian language dramas.

During the last phase of his illustrious career he was working on another landmark book (on the request of Govt. of India) named Natya Shilpa Vigyaan in Hindi, which elucidate the practical science of theatre. In this work he discussed in depth different aspects of Drama such as Production, Direction, Acting, Stagecraft, dialogues, Screenplay, Costume, Make up, Music, Lighting etc. Most part of the work was submitted to the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. He wrote and composed many dramas and features Radio and TV such as Babu Viranchi Lal, Gantantra ki Bhumi Vaishali, Palasi ka Dhumketu, Netradaan, Laal Kunwari, Safed Hathi, Avanti ki Rajkumaari, Talwaron ke Sayee, Nav Nalanda Mahavihaar,Kalam ke Jaadugar Ram Briksh Benipuri, Milind-Prashna, Patliputra ka Raajkumar, Baikatpur ka Shiv Mandir, Patliputra se Patna Tak, Bajirao Mastaani, Jhelum ke Kinaare, 13 Episodes on Jaatak Katha. Dr. Chaturbhuj was a well known journalist in undivided India. He wrote for Anand Bazaar Patrika, Vishwamitra (Calcutta), Laxmi (Lahore), Jyotsna etc. Taught journalism at S.Sinha Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism, Zakir Hussain Institute of mass communication and journalism, Bihar Institute of Film at IIBM Patna, taught Dramatics at Kali Daas Rangalaya founded by Bihar Art Theatre. Left for heavenly abode on 11 Aug.2009 at Patna.

The Magadh Artists, in association with Kala Jaagran, another renowned theatrical organization, has been organizing All India Historical Drama Festival every year in Patna since February 2010 in memory of Late Dr. Chaturbhuj. Theatrical organizations from different parts of the country participate in the festival. Only Historical Dramas are staged in the festival. In addition every year one male and one female drama student gets scholarship for pursuing their studies in Drama.